The Phenomenal Strength of Gorillas!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about the Ferocious Strength of Tigers! Since Tigers are my Favourite Animals out there, I figured it was an awesome idea to write a article about them and to show my love and respect to them as well, and so I did. Now however, is the time to give recognition and respect to my second favourite animal out there, and that’s none other than the Mighty Gorilla! 

Although I said that in my honest opinion the Tiger is the definitive KING of the Jungle, and I still stand firm and strong behind that claim and I always will! However, I do want to talk about the Mighty Gorilla and its Phenomenal Strength as well. So let’s break it down and talk about the Phenomenal Strength of the Gorilla!

It’s for a very good reason that a lot of well-known Strength Fanatics in the Physical Cutlure game are huge fans and love the Gorilla! It’s a fascinating animal, no doubt about that! What’s even more fascinating about the Gorilla then almost any other animal out there, is the fact that it resembles the Human Being a lot in the way it’s Build. Although the Gorilla has very large and long Arms & in particular FOREARMS and relatively short legs, it does have 5 fingers on his hands and feet like Human Beings and also has a face that resembles that of a Human Being. In other words, it has a head in the shape almost identical to that of a Human Being, it has 2 eyes, a nose, a jaw and even teeth that also resembles, once again, that of a Human Being, except for the 4 Sharp Teeth that resembles a Tiger more!

So you see, the Gorilla has a lot in common with the Human, more then we would like to admit. But the really phenomenal and enormous difference between even the STRONGEST Human Beings on the planet and a Gorilla, is the PURE, BRUTE, RAW & TOTAL Strength the Gorilla possesses on a pound for pound basis. It has been said and calculated (although not offically confirmed) that a Silverback Gorilla is at least 20 times stronger then 20 Strong men! Now If you would take the STRONGEST men in the world and combine their Strength together against that of a Silverback Gorilla, yeah then you’ll definitely need less men to compare against the Phenomenal Strength the Silverback Gorilla possesses. But not much, as a matter of fact, I think that the Gorilla can easily take 5-8 of the Strongest men in the world on a pound for pound basis, break both their arms & legs in a blink of an eye and rip their heads off in a split second! That is, if you really got him pissed off and angry as hell! Wich would be a very bad idea and I don’t recommend you do that… EVER!

Lets look at the simple scientific facts and studies that have been done in the past on Chimpanzees! What you can clearly see and find out about the Strength on a pound for pound basis of Primates, and especially of the Gorilla, is this: It’s PHENOMENAL & INCREDIBLE! The experiment was conducted in the Bronx in 1924, in that study the Biologist by the name of John Bauman, conducted a study where he compared the Strength of the Chimpanzee on a pound for pound basis to that of a Human Being on a pound for pound basis. Long story short:

They measured the Pulling Strength of a Male Chimp that weighted 165 pounds against that of a man that weighted the same. They tested the Pulling Strength of Both the Man & the Chimpanzee on a Pulling Machine called the Dynamometer. What happened then was astounding! Picture this for a second: The man who had every advantages in his favour could pull on the Dynamometer however he saw fit and with every possible advantages and best leverage he could get on that Pulling device. Yet, he ONLY pulled a measly 150+ pounds & his maximum pull was at 200 pounds, he pulled that after a couple of tries.

Now also picture this, although the Chimpanzee and the dude weighted the same, the Chimpanzee still pulled a WHOPPPING 847 pounds! Yup, that’s right, he pulled almost 5 times more then the “Strong” dude who pulled only 200 pounds. NOT to talk sh*t about the Strength of Human Beings, because, in my opinion, ONLY The Strongest people on the planet can pull as much as the Chimpanzee or come even close to that!

Add to the fact that the Chimpanzee didn’t know exactly what to do, and also didn’t have a clue what the hell was going on. But the study had to be done, so they let the Chimpanzee Pull that Dynamometer from BEHIND his bars in the Zoo. Which means that the Chimpanzee had a very BAD leverage and all the disadvantages in the world that he could get at that moment. YET, he pulled a Tremendous 847 pounds! That’s insane in my opinion and that shows you how Incredibly & phenomenaly Strong Primates can be. And this Chimpanzee was being held in captivity in the Zoo his whole life, just imagine what he could have pulled if he came straight out of the Jungle and had never been in captivity in the first place.

And as a matter of fact, the studies showed and the Biologist speculated that the 847 pounds that the Chimpanzee pulled on the Dynamometer wasn’t even his FULL Strength and nowhere near his maximum. That’s freaking insane! To show you that this is TRUE, they also let a Female Chimpanzee pull that Pulling Device and guess what she got? Indeed! Even more then the Male Chimp, but then again, the Male Chimp didn’t even know what was going on, and I think that if he had known exactly what was going on and had put a lot more effort into that pull, that he could have easily Pulled in the 1500+ pounds range and above!

I’m saying this because at that experiment back in 1924, the Fermale Chimp pulled an even higher amount then the Male Chimp, she pulled an Phenomenal 1260 pounds! Most people can’t even fathom that kind of Pulling Strength & Power, let alone fathom that a Small Chimp can have that kind of Pulling Strenght & Might in 1 arm!

And remember, we’re talking about 2 Chimps held in captivity from birth. Now once again, imagine what 2 Chimps from the Wild that come straight out of the Jungle could have done and still can do! Some frightening thoughts if you ask me! One thing’s for sure, you DON’T want to get into a fight with a Chimp… EVER, period!

If a Chimp possesses that much Incredible Pulling Strength, then just imagine what kind of Pulling Strength the Gorilla Possesses! An INSANE amount of Pulling Strength! I know that much! I could give yet another example of one more Mighty & Super Strong Primate, but since this article is about the Phenomenal Strength of Gorillas, I’ll make it as short as possible! Just to let you know how strong other primates are as well!

For example: On one occasion, in a zoo, there was a Log that fell into the exhibit of an Orangutan! The Log was heavy as hell, because even 4 or 5 Humans in the zoo that worked there could NOT budge it off the ground. It was that heavy (or those zoo keepers/workers were that WEAK, you tell me?!). However, when the Orangutan was annoyed with it and wanted some quite peace and just had it up to here with that Log. He picked it up with one arm and threw the Log in the air a couple of feet in the other direction! That’s right! He lifted that log with only 1 Arm, as if it weighted nothing.

That’s yet another awesome example of their Phenomenal Super Strength! And once again, this Orangutan wasn’t an Orangutan from the wild or the Jungle for that matter. It was an Orangutan held in captivity from birth! Yet the Primates in captivity STILL show some Legendary, Ferocious & Insane Feats of Strength on a regular basis! Now picture their Wild counterparts and how much STRONGER they are then the “weaker” captivity Zoo counterparts and you’re starting to get the idea of their Huge & Enormous Strength on a pound for pound basis!

Ok, so let’s get back to the Gorilla. Everybody knows how Phenomenally Strong Gorillas are! As a matter of fact, they’re a lot Stronger on a pound for pound basis then any other Primate out there! They’re the strongest Primate alive today, but also one of the most peaceful ones. You won’t find a Gorilla attacking another animal, unless it absolutely has to or has no choice! But most of the time it’s for self defense & not for attacking, stalking, hunting or killing! It doesn’t do any of that because it’s a vegeterian! That’s right! Let’s blow that myth out of the water right here, right now! You can become VERY STRONG on a Vegetarian diet, I do it myself and I know a lot of other super strong people that do the exact same thing! Besides, in the wild it works pretty freaking good! Just look at the Gorilla for example, and ALL the other Primates as well for that matter! Super Tough & Strong on nothing but plants!

The Gorilla is the BEST of the BEST animal out there (and also compared to Human Athletes/Trainees!) that can Climb & Jump in the air from Tree Branch to Tree Branch! Especially when you consider the amount of weight it has to carry with it and the height it has compared to other Very Strong Primates!

Brachiating at that weight and at that size is nothing short of Amazing! If you consider how much a Full Grown Silverback Gorilla weights on average and the height it has, which is up to 6 feet tall and it weights somewhere between 300-500 pounds… on AVERAGE! I would like to see a human being of 300-500 pounds Climb in Tree’s, Hang from 1 Arm easily for long periods of time or Brachiating from Tree Branch to Tree Branch like the Gorilla does so easily! Again, this won’t happen and is not possible for a human being, period!

I’d say that you’de be very lucky if you can even get a 150-170 pounds Rock Climber who can manage to do what the Gorilla does in the Trees! I double dare you, you won’t find even 1 in the world who can do what the Gorilla does, no freaking chance! That’s not to say that the Rock Climbers aren’t Super Strong for their bodyweight and on a pound for pound basis, because they most definitely are! The truth is that they’re one of the strongest athletes in the world when it comes to pound for pound bodyweight Pulling strength and efficiency in their Upperbody!

But even their Phenomenal Pulling Strength can not compare to that of a Gorilla! Although a Gorilla weights at least 4 times more then they do!

And speaking of Brachiating & Climbing! The Gorilla is taught as a young Animal to Climb up in trees, hang in trees with 1 arm or 2 arms and also how to Brachiate (Swing) from one Tree Branch to the other! This is very important for a Young Gorilla (or any other Young Primate!) to learn when it’s still very young! It’s crucial for survival in the Wild and without those specific skills the Gorilla won’t make it very far on his or her own when it grows up and becomes an adult. This is the Brutal & Hardcore reality of the Survival of the Fittest in the Wild/Jungle! It’s Kill or Be Killed, Do or Die, Be the Hunter or become the Hunted!

Like I said before, the Gorilla is not a very aggressive or Ferocious Animal from the inside, but don’t let that fool you. The Gorilla is definitely not a sucker or weakling neither, don’t you ever mistake the kindness & peacefulness of a Gorilla for weakness! More then a dozen people have made that mistake, only to have their limbs crushed & broken by the Gorillas who “they” though wouldn’t harm a fly. Even when they did come close to them, damn did those fools and idiots learn the hard way! The simple fact of the matter is that you don’t mess with the Gorilla! Especially not when it’s a WILD Gorilla That has mastered the Skill he had to Master from his birth and has learned how to survive in the Rough & Dangerous Jungle!

It’s been said that the Orangutan can easily Crush a Corcodile/Aligator with his Super Strong GRIP Strength! If that’s the truth (and I Highely believe it is!), then the Gorilla can do it even more easily then the Orangutan can! Because the GRIP strength of the Gorilla is even Stronger and More Powerful then that of the Orangutan! Like I said before, the Gorilla is the strongest Primate alive in the world.

If you’re still not convinced about the Super Strength of the Gorilla and especially their Phenomenal GRIP Strength, then I suggest you watch the video below of a Silverback Gorilla easily ripping up an Banana Tree without even trying. That’s easy peasy for them, no big deal! They do it daily without even breaking a sweat. If a Human being (even a Super Strong one) would attempt to do the exact same thing, then he or she would need to summon up all the strength that they have in themselves and Push very Hard to being able to do that! As for the Gorilla, it’s just another day in the Jungle! They do this for a living!

And to show you that the video is legit and real, here it is:

That’s not to say that we can’t Train and mimic the way the Gorilla moves and benefit from doing so. We could Train and move like they do in their natural habitat and thus get a lot stronger and benefit from it! Although we’re not exactly the same as a Gorilla in the way we walk or the way our bodies are build, and let’s not forget that Gorillas are born with a ton more Natural Strength then us Humans. But that’s not to say that we shouldn’t do what they do and mimic their moves to get some Percentage of their Super Phenomenal Strength!

It’s very unlikely that you’ll ever be as STRONG as a Gorilla, no matter how Hard & Ferociously you train, it’s just not gonna happen. But you could get at least 4 times stronger, if not more then the average people out there! And if you aren’t already at least 4 times stronger then the average man, then you’re most Definitely doing something wrong in your training.

That’s it for now, I’ll have another article about Gorillas coming in the future!

In Strength & Health!

Matti Marzel!

P.S. There are 3 species of Gorillas in the world, those are the: Eastern Lowland Gorillas, the Western Lowland Gorillas and the Mountain Gorillas! All of them found in different areas of Africa!

P.P.S. Oh yeah, and the last awesome thing that I want to mention over here, is that you could definitely train like a Gorilla in a major way, and even develop some of its phenomenal strength and incredible power as well, big time! I know, my friends, I speak from nothing but personal experiences when it comes down to this, period.

And the best course out there, by far that goes into all of this, and then some, is the LEGIT and damn good course about Animal Training and Animal Movements in particular by my good friend and fellow comrade in Physical Culture: Eddie Baran!

His awesome and LEGIT course, in which the Gorilla walking and running exercise is featured as well, is called: Animal Kingdom Conditioning! And the title says it ALL, as it’s truly about conditioning and strengthening your entire body like the Ferocious Animals do in the Animal Kingdom, from head to toe!

Here’s the link to that phenomenal, next level and awesome product… Check it out!

Animal Kingdom Conditioning

Trust me, if you’re really inspired, motivated and psyched the hell up by the thought of training like a Gorilla—And training like a whole lot more animals as well on top of that… Then by all means, do yourself a huge favor and get this course ASAP!

Here it is once again. Have at it and enjoy!

Animal Kingdom Conditioning

Salute, out for now!


The Phenomenal Strength of Gorillas! — 83 Comments

  1. I wonder if we humans traded physical srength for increased intellect? It’s dumb how we’re related to apes yet not on the same level in strength anymore.

    A creative way to commit suicide would be pissing a Gorilla off!

    • @Tomas: Yo Tomas, Yeah man I wonder the same to tell you the truth, and the answer to that, that seems the most logic is: HELL YEAH! Unfortunately for the rest of the population of Human Beings… MOST of them are neither Intelligent OR Strong! So that defeats all the so-called purpose of the Human beings “increased intellect”! Yeah go figure… Most Human beings talk about HOW Strength doesn’t make you Smarter, wiser, more intelligent or more intellectual… but WE know better!

      As a matter of FACT, Exercise has been shown & proven by scientists to increase life-span, QUALITY of life and also makes you smarter, wiser, more intelligent and more intellectual! It’s a win-win-win situation if you ask me!

      And yeah man, the Strength of Gorillas will NOT be matched by any average Human beings that never train… that’s a fucking no-brainer, I know. But I think that ONLY the Strongest & Most Conditioned Human beings alive can even come close to the pound for pound Strength of the Gorilla… if they’re very lucky! Which 9 out of 10 times they WON’T be… hands down!

      But we sure as hell can close the gap as much as possible when it comes down to the Strength they posses, we will most likely never posses the Strength Gorillas posses, especially the Silver Backs, but nontheless, it can be made smaller and we can at least build some of their Strength & Might by mimic what they do and maneuver like they do as well! Food for thought right here!

      Yeah man I agree, pissing off a Gorilla is one of the dumbest and most idiotic ideas a person can come up with, unless, like you said, he’s suicidal!

      • Reading that article was painful, your writing style and random capitalisation of words is dreadful. You then go on to say that strength makes you smarter. Well if that is the case (which it isn’t at all- you moron) than you must be as strong as you are smart!

  2. Hey i was wondering if i could use the cartoon gorilla bending the barbell picture … would there be any copy right issues?

  3. Sorry I don’t remember where I read it, but it was a reputable source, maybe National Geographic, that a particular leopard, maybe 180 pounds, killed six gorillas (on separate occasions). I read at some other source a gorilla could lift 4,700 pounds overhead. The leopard account was likely correct, but the gorilla strength notion had to be subjective. A leopard and a mountain lion are very close in size/strength/athleticism. I once bathed a small kitten to remove fleas. I was shocked. It took all my strength in both hands to control the small cat. Most naturalists concur that by percent, the strongest animal is the wolverine. Of course, it has seldom over 60 pounds of size but can “handle” logs so heavy a man would find it difficult to budge them. Two unique humans might have bare handed beat a gorilla–Maximinus Thrax and Thomas Topham, read about them on Google. I do mean, beat them with raw strength.

    • Obviously a leopard would not last 5 seconds at the hands of a silver back. By gorilla they meant young or maybe even females, but a female gorilla is at least a male chimp in strength terms. A full grown male chimp is probably a lot more aggressive and violent than a poor female gorilla would ever get. I am not saying this is you but I wish people wouldn’t make up fake facts to back up their favorite animals. A leapord struggles to kill a man, a gorilla would not struggle it would literally pull apart and crush aan like card

      • As for your humans beat gorillas I can only assume the gorillas weren’t trying,sick, injured, or they were very specific tests that favour the men. Like leg strength…neck, back, arm, everything except POSSIBLY legs! It is physically impossible for 3 men OVERALL to match a silver back in strength and it is stupid trying to claim humans can match or beat a silver back when a silver back is built naturally to be supremely strong to be able to fight off lions that are also much stronger than any man. Male chimps terrorise leopards but wouldn’t think about messing with a silver back. And chimps even nest high up whilst gorillas are safe with the silver back on the ground against anything but man and gun. I don’t like anecdotal “evidence” either. Most of it is made up bs.

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  5. well idont know, everybody seems to forget very simple facts that pass before them
    the gorilla here didnt use its pure raw arm power. it held the banana plant , pulled with its body weight effortlessly, and then used its canines to rip the plant to smaller thickness and then brought it down. that is simple physics.
    as with the animal face off charts, never in their video about gorillas did those guys show a gorilla breaking a bamboo pole in half with pure armpower. they simply seemed to bypass the fact that the gorilla used its canines to bite down on the bamboo before pulling the bamboo to 2 pieces.
    the only legit record i can believe is that of the gorillas strength shown in animal planets extreme strength. i think those scientists seem to calculate the data before coming to conclusions. the gorilla stood in the 8th position, grizzly bear in 10th position and the tiger in 4th. google the video title if u wanna see it

  6. Well said fella! I have studied gorillas for a few years now and I base my training on the way they move, I even do push ups on my knuckles, but thre way they do it, hard as hell 2 do! Yet they can run and jump like that….amazing but that way of training has definatly produced some quick results! Wanna get big n strong like a gorilla? Then copy the gorilla haha well, you will never reach their strength but at least you try! Kl man.

  7. As an undergraduate physics student I learned that the enormous strength of primates has more to do with where their tendons attach to their bones than with their actual muscle strength. Humans are designed to walk up right and to perform high endurance activities such as running long distances (something a properly trained human can do better than pretty much any animal on the planet of comparable size). High endurance require high efficiency more than high strength…so our tendons tend to be set closer to our joints to conserve energy and increase balance. A primate doesn’t really need endurance or balance so they tend to have their tendons set much further from their joints giving them much better leverage. It isn’t that their muscles are so much stronger…a highly trained athlete of comparable mass probably has muscles just as strong… but humans aren’t built to transfer their strength into motion as well as a primate.

    • Apes also have a physically more robust body than humans with much more of their bodily energy able to go towards muscle strength because of their puny brains. The human brain uses up 40% of our body’s energy, which leaves us weak in comparison to the apes. For an animal to have the strength of an ape but the intelligence of a human would require so much energy that the animal would have to spend all day eating and only small populations of said animal would be achievable.

    • If we are talking about a large bear such as grizzly, then the bear wins easy. They are far bigger than Silverbacks, two times the weight, so while not being pound for pound as strong they are stronger in absolute terms. As well, they are carnivores far more trained in violence, and as carnivores they have weapons the gorilla doesn’t have, namely claws and the big one, canine teeth system which is going to be far more powerful, sharp and larger than herbivore gorilla teeth. And their jaw power supports their tooth makeup and requirements. I haven’t written this well, but you get my meaning eh!

      • I think a smaller kind of bear might face off pretty evenly with Silverbacks though. But biggest bears vs biggest gorillas, the bears kick it out of the park.

  8. There are a lot of inaccuracies in this article. According to the testiment of the author as witness of the male chimp who`s pull registered 847 lbs, stated that the chimp pulled as hard as he could, and was holding onto a door with his left hand, for stability. the chimp accomplished that pull with one hand.

    The female chimp, however, pulled with both hands, and also had her feet braced at the time. That translates into a one-handed pull of 630 lbs.

    Gorillas are strong, but nowhere near as strong as 20 strong men. A chimp has been shown to have the strength of from 2-4 men. A gorilla only has a muscle mass of some 37% (confirmed), slightly less than that of the average man. However, 60% of that muscle is located in the upper body. There is no way a gorilla is capable of the strength most people claim. They are just far-fetched estimates. A more reliable figure would be a strength of 5-8 average men.

    • No, at least 12 men. You’ve got to understand that their ligament construction, tendon, bone and muscle density is different to humans, pound for pound they’re much stronger. Add to that the massive size difference and massive muscle composition and you have a huge disparity.

      All the tests they perform have the animals not really using their full strength in a focused effort.

      • David, it`s less than 12 men. I understand all how strong their ligaments, tendons, ect are. But, the average gorilla has a muscle mass similar and/or slightly less than that of the average human. I know because i have a study where the actual muscle mass of these animals was measured. It`s 37%, which is equal to, and/or slightly less than that of a person. The average male gorilla weighs about 340 lbs or so. Roughly twice the size of a man. If all things were equal (which it is not), they would be twice as strong. However, i have an extensive study upon the strength of chimps, where the animals used their full potential (you could see the strain in their faces and bodies), and they were 2-4 times stronger than similar sized men. A gorilla will not be proportionately stronger than a chimp, so the strength of these animals should be roughly 4-6 times that of a man.

        • we are talking silverbacks please don’t say human men have more muscle mass than silverbacks? Use the facts = silverbacks are the protectors of all that are in their group. They are built to be explosively powerful and strong enough to fight off leapords and lions. Their skeleton alone should show you silverbacks ARE proportionally stronger than chimps because they have to be.

          • Put it this way a silver backs arms are much stronger than our legs could ever be. How big and dangerous male chimps are they nest in trees because of only lions and gorilla silver backs.

        • Actually 6 times is about right for female gorillas and male chimps. Imagine how strong man would have to be to swing through trees and drop then catch all their weight at speed, with ease. I am sure maths whizzes can work out a formula based on weight and momentum etc. Human arms are not built to take the stress and weight, our legs are but they ain’t got hands

    • No you are wrong. You can sort of get a rough idea from the ease with which the primates can move certain objects, like logs and boulders. A male chimp is considerably stronger with one hand than any man is with 2. A chimps arms are as strong as our legs. Chimps are up to 6 times stronger than man, and gorillas at least 8 times but potentially much more. I have seen a young female orangutan having a tug of war and destroying a much large sumo wrestler. Unlke all other animals like bears and tigers, apes are designed to be strong in the arm area most of all.

  9. Iv been researching danny andramini and his hypothesis of neanderthals, he is a non specific “independent scientist” meaning no credential. but he has a very interesting hypothesis indeed. i neep a great primeape expert to relay me their fresh thought on this matter. i have prover mr andramini mistaken once or twice but the more i look into the subject the more i find out he was on to something. more understanding will soon find neanderthals a closer yet more cognative relative to the gorilla than humans and the nature of gorillas may help resolve what made Neanderthal man extinct

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  11. Dude you are awesome!!! I am the largest fan of gorillas that has ever existed, exists, or will exist. I have always known gorillas were insanely strong,however that was mind blowing. I would like to thank you for that wonderful article and allowing me to better understand the sheer awesomeness of gorillas.

  12. Žydrūnas Savickas is as tall and heavy as silverback. Gorillas don’t climb trees often and I bet this guy could hang from a tree or climb one too. I am not saying that he is stronger, but I don’t think he is far behind.

    If you compare pound for pound a chimp and a strongest person, he won’t be far behind 🙂

  13. Interesting ,but not impressed with the banana tree video.i ripped out 20 of them today before my guys good get back with the chain saws.they were at least as big as that one if not twice as big.banana trees are soft and rip apart easily.i am not big 5’7 “200 pounds.the chains saws were only used to do a little trimming to fit them on the pickup bed as they were 15 footers.

    • Why does he? Its good to read someone who isn’t a selfish prick talking enthusiastically about things they like. Its his site, if not happy or your nose has been bent….

  14. “Silverback Gorilla is at least 20 times stronger then 20 Strong men” ; If you use a deadlift as a basis of strength (not the highest weight people can lift but a good all round indication of strength) the world record is 460kg. Average strongman can lift about 200-400kg. using 360kgs as an average multiply that by 20 to get the strength of 20 strongmen (7200kg which is 7.2 Metric tons) then multiply that by 20 to get the “20 times stronger than 20 strong men” to get 144000kg or 144 metric tons. I guess you took that with a pinch of salt but really? this article will explain the chimp strength test.
    Fun article but it is misleading and almost like fan fiction based on primates.

  15. A very entertaining and enjoyable read, thanks. I share your love of gorillas and tigers. My two favorite creatures for sure. They are precious, mysterious, I just love them.

  16. Many humans seem to not be able to handle the fact that they could never be close in strength to big apes. All apes and big cats have much denser muscles as well, it isn’t even just skeletal and connection of muscles. Humans cant do anything about our brain dominating our bodies, and requiring much resources, whilst for gorilla males they need to be super strong most of all

  17. This was really bad. It was repetitive and boring. It sounded like a young child yelling out random “facts” about gorillas and strong men. You are not smart, nor is anyone here who congratulated you. Most of what you said isn’t true. And on top of it all you mostly talked about chimps the whole “article” not gorillas. You never explain what you mean by “pound for pound basis” one of the many phrases you overused for god knows why. I can’t believe some people are really making you feel like this is worthy of any positive attention. I hope you are a small child or a redneck hick from some educationless desolate backwood otherwise confidence in this piece of hot garbage would be warranted. It’s terrible and I want you to know it.

    • Fuck off you smug dullard cunt. Who the fuck do you think you are, gu arrogant yank coward. What have you written that anyone has enjoyed reading, apart from your suicide note you nasty arrogant, bitter, shit in bed faggot.

    • Thank God someone let him know how fucking stupid he is. The fact that I read this nonsense for more than 20 seconds makes me feel like my iq has dropped 30 points

  18. This is one of the worst written articles I have ever seen. All the caps and exclamation points are incredibly annoying. This is just some fool stating a bunch of unintelligent opinions with a few random useless facts.

  19. God what a ridiculous article.
    The gorilla doesn’t just eat plants they also eat invertebrates. Gorillas don’t usually climb trees either they pretty much stick to the ground.
    Other primates don’t exclusively eat plants either. Most primates include some form of meat in their diets, although they may be opportunistic carnivores They’ll take meat as it comes. Baboons will actively hunt prey animals.
    Also comparing a human to a gorilla and saying you can build muscle on a vegetarian diet is absolutely ridiculous. Most trainers suggest consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight along with proper weight training to build muscle. Even if you weigh 120 pounds you would have to eat more veggies than would be possible in a day to get 120 grams of protein from a vegetarian diet.
    Let’s put it this way, a gorilla consumes 40 pounds of plant matter per day to get the nutrition they need. That 13% of a 300 pound gorilla’s body weight. If you weighed 120 pounds, to get the same nutrition as a gorilla and get strong off of nothing but plants, you would have to eat 15 pounds of plant matter.

  20. Wow. This blog entry was the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long time. It seems like this was written by an uneducated high school jock.

    All the information about the strength of Gorillas are true; but everything else in this article was horrendously unsupported. Add that to the fact that your grammar and punctuality was embarrassing at best, and the fact that you felt the need to uselessly capitalize and bold random words, and you have a very painful piece of writing.

    Also; are you really serious?! The stronger you get, the smarter you become? Are you on fucking drugs or something? Next…gaining muscle mass on a vegetarian diet? Geez! I hope you don’t write for a living, because you sound like a complete and utter imbecile. I refuse to believe anything besides that this blog entry was written by a teenage jock-wanna-be who frequently skipped classes.

  21. That male chimp that pulled a 847 lbs on the dynamometer pulled with one hand. That female pulled with both hands, both feet braced. Both were stated to be using full strength, actually. A lion pulled on a dynamometer and managed 1500-1685 lbs. A chimp cant match that.

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  23. Neither a Tiger or a Gorilla would stand a chance against a Big Bear. The only a chance a Tiger would have is if he could get to the throat of the Bear. And the only way he could do that is if the Bear was caught half asleep and this has happened. The Bear can run as fast as a Tiger and he can do it much longer. The Bear can break the back of animals like a Tiger and much larger with one swipe of it’s paw. It’s advantage is it’s huge muscle and bone mass and it intelligence. A straight up challenge between a Big Bear even a not so big bear with any big cat except for the afore mentioned situations would be a foregone conclusion. Comparing a Tiger to a lion even though the Tiger larger in most cases the Tiger would usually lose because the lion is a better fighter and is mane protects it from the Tigers sole killing method the throat. All of these animals are definitely incredible but my favorite is the Wolverine or the Honey Badger, they’re the largest of the weasel family. All of these animals are lucky they don’t get very big. A wolverine will fight anything there are incredible videos showing just how unfair they fight and there have been cases where a honey badger chewed through the spine of a lion. There was a case where a leopard was able to kill a honey badger that was old and close to death already but it took him an hour to do it. A huge advantage the honey badger has is it’s hide is thick and lose so when a cat has a hold of it in it’s jaws it cat turn around and bite with tremendous force.

  24. Yeah , but I think you didnt realize that we are extremely more intelligent than gorilla’s , and with our brain we make guns which can kill the gorilla’s so easily . so its better to say ” hey gorrila’s come KISS MY ASS” . dont think Im so coldblooded , gorillas have got extrem strength and we have super deadly weapons . so my advice if you once met a gorilla and it wanted to attack you take out your gun , pull the goddamn trigger and see the beast floating in the air . hahaha . so the result is here ” no animal can mess up with human “

  25. To suggest that a 500lb Gorilla is 20 times stronger than the strongest human is nonsense for anyone who has a remedial understanding of physics. The strongest humans can lift approx. 500kg. I am an average sized human (180lbs) who powerlifts and can lift 300kg+ on a good day. to suggest that a gorilla can lift ten tons or even 20 times more than me at 6 tons is just silliness. Rather than unsubstantiated fantasies let’s look at things we actually know. For example an adult male african elephant can lift a max of around 10 tons this is what is being suggested here. It was actually found in a study that chimps and humans are similar in strength but that we weigh close to twice as much. The claim in this article that this relative strength increases in a bigger animal is again silly. The bigger you are the less muscle mass you have relative to your overall mass. Again simple physics. I would expect a gorilla to be relatively weaker than a chimp pound for pound in the same way that the guys lifting half a ton have to be at least twice my weight to do so and I can lift close to 2/3 what they can (I am not a world class lifter by any stretch). Given that a gorilla is approximately twice the weight of a human I would suggest that pound for pound it maybe would be twice as strong as the strongest humans which is 4 times stronger overall and 8-12 times stronger than an average human male. This is an educated guess but I think it may be a little closer to the truth.

  26. I laughed a little when I read that the Tiger is the undisputed King of the jungle. A few years ago, I mentioned this to an African friend of mine who laughed at my naiveté, before pointing out that only in the West is this said to be so. He said that, for an African, the elephant is the real King, and this based on ground level experience rather than Western fantasy. Just saying!

  27. Let me tell you all something. I have studied the silverback gorilla, the lion, tiger and the Kodiak grizzly for over 34 years. First, the African lion or the Siberian tiger would NOT be of no match to the awesome power, strength and intelligence of the mighty silverback ! This primate would KILL the cats in no time flat !! I along with some of my crew witnessed a silverback tear apart a leopard in minutes. We were astounded !!! The silverback picked up this 200 pound cat with 1 arm and tossed it up into the air at least 8 to 10 feet !! We were frightened to even have seen this ! To this day, we remain in awe !!! Now, the only animal in my estimation that would kill a silverback is a Kodiak grizzly. At 10 feet tall and taller and 1,200 to 1,700 pounds and massive 6 inch claws the bear would tear and crush the gorilla. It’s just too massive and too strong. Now a silverback against a 300 pound 5 foot tall black bear ? The silverback would win. Common sense prevails…

  28. The many grammatical errors that even I could notice as an ESL makes the article look so unprofessional and sketchy. Good research, bad application. What does “a gorilla is 20 times stronger than 20 strongmen” mean? Is a gorilla 400 times stronger than a strongman?

  29. I want to make a comment on the study brought up by Damon. You have to keep in mind that the low percentage 37% muscle mass in gorillas was measured in gorillas that were old or that died. These gorillas were mostly over 30 years of age, which is old for a gorilla. The youngest male gorilla who was 27 years of age had a muscle mass of around 45%. A gorilla becomes a silverback at around 12 or 13 years of age.

  30. Anybody that thinks that the tiger and or lion are the “king of beasts” lacks education. Perhaps they are the king of the jungle, though this is highly debatable against a 450-500 lb 6 foot tall silverback gorilla, but that’s where it all ends. Put a Siberian tiger or a lion in a cage against the 10 ft. plus tall 1,500 lb Kodiak grizzly and I don’t know of even 1 extremely lucky cat that would come out alive ! Absolutely, no chance for any cat here folks. It would be like having a 2 1/2 year old human face off against a 30 year old 200 pound man. NO cat could ever penetrate through the extreme extra thick neck muscle mass of this beast !! The cat would last only as long as it could stay away from the Kodiak grizzly. I’ve seen many Siberian tigers and many lions in my day. Have you ever seen a Kodiak grizzly live ? You would never ever again think that a tiger and or lion were stronger or could win in a fight… I’ve seen a small 5 ft tall 250 lb black bear hold his ground against a full grown male lion. Do yourself a big favor and go observe a full grown Kodiak grizzly. Standing on ALL 4 legs, the Kodiak is well over 5 feet tall and 6 feet or more long ! I’m 5’10” and the Kodiak came up even with my shoulder !!! I was shaking in my shoes for real ! They are so MASSIVE !!! Even the smaller female Kodiak is still 8 feet tall and weighs in at between 600-850 lbs !! T.V. does NO JUSTICE for these beasts !!!!!!!! Yes, the Polar bear matches the Kodiak in size and perhaps then some but the Polar bear lacks the ferociousness of the Kodiak and not to mention that the Kodiak has 6 inch claws while the Polar bear has only 4 inch claws. I have seen Kodiaks chase Polar bears away from thier meal more than once !! My educated judgement from years of experience dealing upfront and live with all these different beasts truly leaves me with only 1 conclusion… !!! THE KODIAK GRIZZLY IS THE KING OF ALL CARNIVORES !!!

  31. I have been asked to speak on behalf of the Silverback Gorilla. No lion or tiger including the Siberian tiger would win a fight against the mighty ferocity of the silverback gorilla ! I have studied these beasts, including the Silverback gorilla, Siberian tiger, lion and the true king of them all, the ferocious Kodiak grizzley for many years ! Are you kidding me ? I saw a silverback pick up and throw a 375 lb lion with one hand clear off the ground !!! It was amazing !! This lion, a full grown male with all his mane, the leader of his pack mind you, got up quickly, turned to look at the gorilla while at the same time backing away. As the gorilla began a charge toward the lion, I saw this almost 400 lb lion SCRAM !!! Have you ever seen a silverback pick up the end of a very heavy log with one hand easily ? I’m talking a 10 foot long 12 inch round tree log ! The same ones that you see the elephants lift at a circus !!! NO, and I mean, NO lion or tiger has this kind of strength. I once saw a black panther, 250 lbs charging a silverback. What a joke ! LMAO !!! The silverback threw its arm up as the panther leaped into the air at him an WHAM ! He crushed the panther’s spine in one blow ! The cat lay dead !!! And you think the cat has good timing ? Trust me when I tell you that NO cat out there will take on the Silverback gorilla. They do cross paths from time to time and the cats always retreat. ALWAYS !!! Folks, do yourself a favor. Take a good look at the lion or tigers ribcage. No mater how much they weigh, you can clearly see thier rib cage ! What does this tell you about thier body armor ? You can take down a lion or tiger with a .38 pistol. Try doing this with the gorilla. You will need a 9 mil or a .357 calb… A Kodiak grizzley ? ah ?? You better have at least a 12 gauge shotgun or riffle and a lot of prayer !!!!!

  32. I have been asked to speak on behalf of the Silverback Gorilla. No lion or tiger including the Siberian tiger would win a fight against the mighty ferocity of the silverback gorilla ! I have studied these beasts, including the Silverback gorilla, Siberian tiger, lion and the true king of them all, the ferocious Kodiak grizzley for many years ! Are you kidding me ? I saw a silverback pick up and throw a 375 lb lion with one hand clear off the ground !!! It was amazing !! This lion, a full grown male with all his mane, the leader of his pack mind you, got up quickly, turned to look at the gorilla while at the same time backing away. As the gorilla began a charge toward the lion, I saw this almost 400 lb lion SCRAM !!! Have you ever seen a silverback pick up the end of a very heavy log with one hand easily ? I’m talking a 10 foot long 12 inch round tree log ! The same ones that you see the elephants lift at a circus !!! NO, and I mean, NO lion or tiger has this kind of strength. I once saw a black panther, 250 lbs charging a silverback. What a joke ! LMAO !!! The silverback threw its arm up as the panther leaped into the air at him an WHAM ! He crushed the panther’s spine in one blow ! The cat lay dead !!! And you think the cat has good timing ? Trust me when I tell you that NO cat out there will take on the Silverback gorilla. They do cross paths from time to time and the cats always retreat. ALWAYS !!! Folks, do yourself a favor. Take a good look at the lion or tigers ribcage. No mater how much they weigh, you can clearly see thier rib cage ! What does this tell you about thier body armor ? You can take down a lion or tiger with a .38 pistol. Try doing this with the gorilla. You will need a 9 mil or a .357 calb… A Kodiak grizzley ? ah ?? You better have at least a 12 gauge shotgun or riffle and a lot of prayer !!!!! All the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. A few hundred years ago in Cal the Spanish wagered on animal fights Adult male Grizzles (no where near the size of Kodiacs )defeated Lions and Tigers so quickly and easily no one bothered to bet on the cats One of my ex employees use to go to Kodiac Island yearly to photograph the Bears .Some male adult Kodiac Bears can be the size of small Voltswagons(over 1500 lbs) and for short burst out run a race horse

  35. I would like to use the cartoon of the mad gorilla bending barbell as part of a logo and wanted to ask you first if it was ok. Please let know.
    Thank you
    Greg tresch

  36. From what I have read, the only tiger to ever beat the lion in fights when pitted against one another is the Bengal tiger of India, which is extremely ferocious due to the competition for food and mates being very fierce. Otherwise, the lion almost always will kill the tiger. Tigers are hunters but they do not know how to fight other cats. Male lions let their females do the hunting and fight each other. The mane is to protect their neck area and they know how to fight around the mane of another lion and to protect their own neck area. They also are highly aggressive. The tiger knows nothing about any of this and will try to avoid fights.

    Strength I am sure can perhaps increase the health of the body where it perhaps helps with brain function, but it most definitely does not make one smarter in any noticeable way. Otherwise, there would be no dumb jocks. They’d all be brilliant. But there are plenty of muscular athletes in high school and college who are stupid in the extreme.

    As for why humans lost physical strength, yes it is because of our huge brain, but also because we evolved to be a distance runner primate. Yes, the other apes have us outdone in terms of physical strength, but not in terms of endurance. Humans also are the only ape capable of performing an overhand throw, which evolved as our more primitive ancestors figured out that they could throw pointy sticks into animals to kill them. And yes the other apes can swing through branches, do one-arm pullups, and hand with ease, but they can only barely walk upright. They can’t stand upright for long periods of time. Humans on the other hand can walk around upright all day. So humans are not inferior to the other apes, just different. One could say that the gorilla is pathetic in its ability to run distance, to make and use tools, and to throw projectiles.

    Being that humans evolved as a terrestrial ape, we didn’t need the physical strength to swing through trees and hang from branches, and since we also evolved to be a distance runner who throws projectiles to kill animals, we didn’t need physical strength to kill other animals either.

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