The Numerous & Enormous Benefits of Hanging Upside down!

Let’s look at the benefits and take a closer look as to why you want to spend at least 30 minutes a day being upside down. And the numerous & enourmous benefits it provides!

The first thing is the most obvious one, when you hang upside down, you reverse the blood flow in the body, this means that more blood is flowing to the head instead of being (mostly stale) in the Legs and Lower body. This also means that any stagnation that you have in your Legs will disapear, for good, once you do this upside down hanging business every day! As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to do it everyday to get the Amazing benefits out of it, it’s a lot better to do it every day, but it isn’t neccesary. If however, you’re interested in Longevity and plan on being Young, Vibrant, Robust, Healthy and staying that way in the far future into old age, then I HIGHELY suggest you spend at least 30 minutes upside down everyday.

The second thing is that it calms the mind and clears it up as well, so that you can think better and faster! Obviously in the beginning when you’re just new to this business, you should take it slowely and build up to longer periods of times as you become more accustomed to the sensations and feelings of hanging upside down for longer periods of time.

Now the reason why I recommend longer periods of time instead of shorter periods of time (in intervals for example), is that the longer you hang, the better you can meditate. I know this sounds weird in the beginning, as a brand NEW beginner that begins on his journey of hanging upside down isn’t used to all the blood flow being reversed all of a sudden and this could lead to (as stupid as it sounds) breath holding.

So how do you begin to hang upside down without holding your breath like an idiot? Simple enough my friend, like I said, you just build up the time (in intervals in the beginning). And you progress SLOWELY & CAUTIOUSLY towards longer periods of time where you really can begin to get into that Meditative, Relaxing & Zoned out State. Think about the last time you did a Handstand Hold for time (against the wall or freestanding), and also the last time that you did a Pullup/Chinup Bar Hang for time, You most definitely must have felt the spine (the Lumber Area in particulair) loosening up and felt some relief from doing so, the relief that you felt simply came because of the Gravity that pulls down on your body, opening up the Lumber Area.

Wether you hang from a Pullup/Chinup Bar or Doing a Handstand, it’s the same, only in the reversed manner, meaning that when you hang from the Bar you’re basically fighting gravity by hanging steady (keep your shoulder blades in tight though, never let them hang loose) from the bar, or by pushing your shoulders up hard when you’re holding an Handstand for time…

Although they are oppesites of each other in movement, meaning that the Pullup/Chinup Bar Hanging is Traction and the Handstand Hold is Inversion, they both fall to the sideway compared to the Yoga Trapeze!

Now let’s take a look at what it can do for you as far as healing & making you younger is considered. In my honest opinion, the Yoga Trapeze is the best tool for inversion hanging… PERIOD, hands down! Of course I speak from personal experience over here! It makes it superior to the other 2 by the fact that it has both traction & inversion at the same time, plus you can do a helluva lot more with it as well.

Just to let you know, Logan Christopher also endorses the Yoga Trapeze, as a matter of fact, he sells them on his outstanding site Legendary Strength and he too, has got major results with it! just ask him yourself!

Add to the fact that you most definitely will not have the GRIP or total body strength & endurance to hang from a Pullup/Chinup Bar or to Hold a Handstand for long periods of time, simply because, like I said, your GRIP & Hand Strength will give out way before you can reach the meditative and relaxed state that I’m talking about. Yet another PLUS and major benefit of the Yoga Trapeze!

This is also a very awesome tool to improve Flexibilty & Strength as well, as the Yoga Trapeze has 6 Suspension Handles you can use in any way you desire to build Strength & Flexibilty! If you go to the official site, you can read everything about it, and I highely suggest you do so right here!

And probably the best and foremost reason to get a Yoga Trapeze ASAP, is because of the fact that at least 80% of the population (you’re probably one of them) is sitting way too much everyday in an bad, unhealthy and unnatural posture, count that up over a course of years and you know problem is around the corner and is bound to happen sooner or later, almost every person over the age of 50, wether they have Trained Hard in their life or haven’t trained at all, feels pain in the lowerback area, as the first of many in the body. Now why is that? Very Simple, because gravity (yeah that DAMN gravity) is pushing us down basically everyday and putting pressure on our body, especially on the spine.

Even people that Train Hard & Seriousely (Like yours truly) can get lower back problems (all over the lumber area really) from years of lifting heavy (wether that’s with weights or calisthenics/bodyweight excercises) if they don’t spend time on loosening up the spine (specifically the lower back/erector spinae). This comes a shock to many that “suddenly” have lower back pain hitting them one day out of nowhere.

The TRUTH is that the lower back pain was building up slowely & steady over years & even decades, creeping up slowely like a damn snake, and once it bites, you “suddenly” have the nagging lower back pain, and to be completely honest, most people don’t have any idea or clue what to do about it, against it or how to prevent it, well my friend, I do and the answer is the Yoga Trapeze! Use it wisely and lower back pain will never creep up slowely and attack you, instead you say F-ck you lower back pain and also F-ck you gravity! Simply by hanging upside down every day, I’v done this now for over a year and a half, and the benefits keep on coming on a daily basis! I feel like a Billion Bucks after I’m finished with a upside down hanging session, and the meditational zoned out state that it gives you is awesome! It has to be felt to be really appreciated!

Again, the reason why I say that you got to hang at least 30 minutes upside down (building up to it over time) & why I’m so strict and disciplined about doing it everyday, is because of the enourmous benefits that are too many and numerous to write about in this article, in fact I can write a whole damn book about the benefits of doing so. What I’m doing in this article however, is to give you basic ideas and benefits of doing it, the rest is up to you!

P.S. Yet another very Powerful Old School Bodyweight Excercise that is very, very good for the lower back (the whole body as a matter of fact!) is the Gymnastic Bridge! The Advanced movement & even beyond that, builds phenomenal spine strength, flexibility & elasticity that can take any punishement! To learn the best ways of getting the Gymnastic Bridge (while starting from scratch) & owning the movement completely, I highely recommend Convict Conditioning! I use this course myself as well & It helped & still helps me to strenghten my spine & specifically the lower back area to whole new levels! Throw the Yoga Trapeze on top and you’ll have all the odds stacked in your favor!

Besides, you can also do the Gymnastic Bridge in the Yoga Trapeze while hanging! (1 of my personal all time favourite moves on the Yoga Trapeze)! Wich makes it even better, because you can make the Range of Motion (ROM) even deeper and thus increase the Benefits of this Phenomenal Exercise!

Good Hanging!

In Strength & Health!

Matti Marzel!


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  1. Ever considered just skydiving? Or better yet a trip to space were there is no gravity. Maybe we should all go live on the moon.


    • Yo BATMAN, thanks a lot for the advice… What the fuck would I do without you, huh?!

      Yeah, skydiving, taking a trip to space or living on the moon ALL sounds damn good and cool as hell, but not everyone out there can afford that shit in the first place… As not everyone out there is a Billionaire Playboy and Entrepreneur as you are… Because well, you’re the GODDAMN BATMAN! So why don’t you go do that shit and leave the hanging upside down, and thus the CHEAPER alternative, to the LESS rich and wealthy people out there?! A damn good and LEGIT idea, huh?!

      Over & Out, BATMAN… Salute!

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