The Eye of the Tiger!

Lets get back to the Ferocious Strength of the Tiger and its Phenomenal Powers on a pound for pound basis! Everybody knows (or at least they should know by now!) that the Tiger is the biggest species of the Wild Cats out there in the Wild, and also the STRONGEST, Period! Yeah I know I’ll get a lot of shit from people when I claim and say something like that! But bare with me for a second and listen to what I have to say, before you start to hate on me and the Tiger. The simple fact of the matter is that the Tiger, compared to other smaller Cats, Hunts, Stalks, & Kills all by its own, the Tiger doesn’t count on his “workers” or “bitches” to do the big job for him or her! Nope, none of that, the Tiger, wether it’s a Male or a Female Tiger, is always manuevering, sneaking, hunting & killing all by itself in the Wild, Dangerous & Lethal Jungle that it lives in!

Now when you talk about the STEALTH of all the Wild Cats species in nature, then the Tiger WINS each and every time, hands down! It’s not even a competition! Yeah of course there are Cats species like the Puma, Jaguar, Cheeta, Leopard and even the Lion! But none of them however, come even close to the Tiger with the Stealth that they posses on a pound for pound basis and when it comes down to their size! The Tiger is Extremely Efficient and Powerful when it comes down to Sneaking around, ambushing, stalking and finally killing its Prey! It does All of those qualities of Hunting with so much succes and Stealth, that it’s in a league all by itself for the size it possesses! And the Tiger is also one of the best, if not THE Best in Hunting, Ambushing, Stalking & Killing it’s preys then any other Animal who’s a carnivore out there at that size! Long story short, suffice to say that the stealth of a Tiger is Incredible & Top Notch for the weight & size it posseses!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying however that the Lion (which is the second STRONGEST Wild Cat species out there!) is weak or anything like that. It definitely has some Stealth, but NOT much compared to the Tiger! And let me explain why I’m saying this up front and how I came to this conclusion as well! Let’s take a look at the Lion first, shall we? The male Lion is, for a lack of better words, a Lazy bastard! That’s the sad truth of the matter! This means that the male Lion, who also happens to be the LEADER of the Lion Prides, lets his Hunting, Ambushing, Stalking & Killing done by his Female Prides (Bitches), and does little to nothing himself… period! There are times when the male Lion doesn’t have a choice but to participate and go Hunt & Kill himself as well! But the Leader himself rather lays on the ground, watches over his Territory, Sleeps & Eats! And to make matters even worse, whenever the female Lion prides have caught and killed a Prey and bring it back with them, the male Lion eats the FIRST, always!  This doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to me, to tell you the truth, but hence, that’s how it is in the Wild and that’s how the life of the Lions operate each and every day! This is very sad if you ask me, as the Leader himself needs to set the GREAT example of doing most of the work himself to become a BETTER Leader and to show them that the Leader STILL has the edge in him to lead his pride (group)! And to being able to do what the rest does all by himself easily!

Unfortunately, this way of living, thinking & taking action doesn’t play a role in the life of the male Lion, who always happens to be the Leader of his Lion group/pride. Besides, the way the Lion acts in his group, is with the Macho man attitude! It’s very clear and easily noticable whenever you watch a male Lion/Leader stand and walk around! It seems that the Lion Leader is MORE interested in showing his dominance while almost NEVER doing the actual work, but letting his females group do it for him and to look all cool while he does it! And I came to this conclusion, once again, just from watching, studying and observing the Lion Leader when he’s with his group, but also when he’s alone sometimes!

Now, the truth be told and I gotta say this as well, the Lion DOES Fight Heavily, Hardcore to the Bone & Intensively whenever the threat of a NEW male Lion comes around and tries to overthrow him and take charge of his group and territory! This happens all the time, that’s just the rule of thumb in the life of the Lions, especially the male Lions! It’s Kill or Be Killed! In this case, it’s either Kill or Be Killed or Run Away and Never come back! In this case, the younger male Lion almost always challenges the older male Lion, who is obviously a whole lot weaker then the young Lion in most cases, not in all cases though, but in most cases! Now this means that the male Lion ONLY Fights Seriously once in a while and only when it absolutely has to! In other words: the male Lion isn’t a true fighter from the get-go, of course he learns how to defend himself and fight against other Lions when he has to and also hunts once in a while with his female prides. But it doesn’t posses that neccessity of Ambushing, Stalking, Hunting & Killing on a daily basis as the Tiger does, and this my friend, is just the simple facts! Like it or not!

Does this means that the Lion is weak compared to a Tiger, NOPE not at all, its definitely NOT weak by any means, but it IS Weaker and less of a Fighter then the Tiger! I came to this simple conclusion and fact because the Tiger, like I said before, wether it’s male or female, has to Hunt, Ambus, Stalk & Kill its Prey alone from the get go. No group/prides walking or running around for the Tiger to do all of its Hunting, Stalking, Ambushing & Killing! Not at all, the Tiger has to rely on 1 person ONLY, and that’s himself or herself! Always, it doesn’t matter how you cut it or how you look at it from every angle possible, the Tiger is the Definitive Winner over here when it comes down to being a BETTER Hunter & Killer then the Lion, and thus also possesing and having developed way more Stealth then the Lion could ever dream of having! The simple rules that apply in the Hardcore, Die Hard & Kill or Be Killed Jungle are the same with the people that Train Hard on a regular basis (just like Me & the Rest of you who are reading this… probably!), you become awesome and very efficient in what you PRACTICE the most! In other words: You gotta do the Drills (Excersises) to get the Skills (Hunting, Stalking, Ambushing & Killing, in both the Tiger & Lion’s case!).

And that brings me to the main subject of this Article: The EYE of the Tiger, and NOT the eye of the Lion! It’s for a very good and legit reason that there’s been writing a song and talked about the “Eye of the Tiger”! the Tiger has more Stealth, Experience & Knowledge when it comes down to Hunting then the Lion ever will, just face it! And that the Tiger has been recognized as the largest & Strongest Wild Cat Species alive throughout History, and always as the large and wild cat that stood above and was Stronger then the Lion! Most of the time, there were obviously times when the Tiger and Lion went Full Force against eachother and the Lion won. Although I can come up with a couple of reasons why, and it has nothing to do with the Strenght of the male Lion over the male Tiger! Hell no, it has more to do with the fact, that whenever the Lion was in grave danger, which it most definitely was, then he had help from the other Lions most of the time! I’m talking of course about the time when ALL the Wild and Big cats were held in captivity in the Roman Colleseum back a couple of thousand years ago!

However, and I gotta admit this and tell the truth, there were cases and circumstances where the Lion DID win from the Tiger in a 1-on-1 Death Match. But it was NEVER very easy for the Lion to win and it won mostly with a lot of luck. Again you gotta take into consideration that the Pride, Heart & Will to live of either the Lion or the Tiger has to be STRONGER in either one or the other! Because while the Tiger is Larger and Stronger then the Lion on a pound for pound basis, there are cases when the Lion has more Heart and Will to live then the Tiger and thus wins from the Tiger. I never said that this wasn’t the case and I never will! However, I’m also of a very huge opinion that MORE times then not, the Tiger came and STILL comes on top in a fight against the Lion! Easily, simply because the Tiger has learned to Hunt, Stalk, Ambush & Kill on its own & the Lion hasn’t, at least NOT as much as the Tiger has! Again, it’s been recognized and records way back in the Ancient times, as well as from the most recent studies, that the Tiger is the #1 in the long run! Hate it or love it! Like it or not!

Don’t get it twisted over here though, I ALSO Love the Lion as an Animal! I got love and respect for the both of them! However, in my humble opinion, the Tiger shits all over the Lion! For the reasons mentioned and discussed above, and the simple fact that the Tiger is totally and completely depending on itself, instead of letting his Prides/group do all of the hard work for him!

I know that people will get back at me with arguments about how the punches of the Lion are Slower but Harder then that of a Tiger, and that the Tiger’s punches are faster but lack and don’t have the impact & RAW Strength behind them as much as the punches of the Lion do. Once again, these FALSE claims have been made by those annoying Lion lovers (who can’t stand the Tiger for some reason). I completely disagree with this argument and claim. For one, there HASN’T been an official study where it says that the punches of a Tiger are Faster but Weaker then that of a Lion. Neither has there been a LEGIT and official study done about the Slower Punches of the Lion and the supposedly more Raw Strength and damage that those punches bring with them! You see, from both sides there hasn’t been a OFFICIAL statement and opinions about these false and Lion fan made claims! It’s just too ridiculous for words! So I’ll leave it at that for the time being!

There have been REAL & LEGIT studies done however about the Impact and TRUE Force & Strength behind the punches of both the Tiger & the Lion, and what the biologists and experts have found out is that both the Tiger & Lion’s punches create the same damage to the Muscles, Bones & Tissues of other Animals and that they actually pack the same RAW Strength & Power with each punch they gave! Now this is officially been studied, however, I still am NOT totally convinced with this study, because it was done with an machine simulating the Paw and Claw of the Tiger & Lion. But what those biologists and experts DIDN’T take into consideration is the real Life Mental, Emotional & Physical State both the Tiger and Lion are in. They didn’t do this and didn’t experiment with this because there’s NO way possibile (at least for the time being) to test that with the machines together! So this test, although declared official and legit, is still not completely accurate and precise at all in the longrun! The only thing that this study has shown us is how the 2 meassure with their Strength in the punches and the impact that those punches have on other Animals! It didn’t take into consideration however that the Tiger is a way faster Fighter and More Agile Fighter as well then the Lion is! It didn’t take into consideration that by the time the Lion has laid one punch on the Tiger that the Tiger already has landed 4 or 5 punches on his face in a blink of an eye!

All of this is impossible to meassure in our time right now, maybe in the future there will be a time when they can take these measures & characteristics of both the Tiger & Lion into consideration! But for now, it only shows a very small precentage of the comparrison of pound for pound Strength by the two Incredible & Ferociously Strong Animals! Also, the Tiger is a Boxer type Fighter, which means it fights higher up and is Faster, more Lethal and Deadlier in that Semi Boxing Stance Fighting position, way more then the Lion will ever be. The Lion on the other hand is a Wrestler type Fighter, the Lion likes to take its prey or victim to the ground, Strangle it & Finally Killing it on the ground as well! This is a very simple fact that can be studied and observed simple by watching BOTH of them Fighting eachother, or fighting other Animals!

However, what a lot of people and even Tiger AND Lion lovers miss out on and Don’t take into consideration, is that BOTH the Tiger and the Lion can ALSO fight in the Semi-Boxing Stance & Wrestler Ground type fighting! In other words, the Tiger can also Wrestle on the Ground and the Lion can also Fight in a Semi-Boxing Position! They can do both, which is freaking obvious and logical if you ask me, because BOTH of them are Large Ferociously Strong and Dangerous Wild Cats! Both of them have the same Weapons to use in a Life or Death Fight and both of them are actually build almost the same! With the Tiger being larger and longer then the Lion in this case and weighting more as well!

But althought the Lion can also fight on his hind legs, it’s nowhere near the Tiger and certainly NOT as effective, efficient & FAST as the Tiger can, and that’s just a fact! But on the other hand, the Tiger can Wrestle on the ground as good and easily on the Level of the Lion, no sweat! This gives the Tiger even more ways to kill a Lion and RIP  him into pieces! Which it has done and Still can do! Although It can Kill & Rip a Lion apart, there still have been times and occasions where the Lion came out on top and victorious! But NOT Much! Once again, I can claim this and say this upfront because of all the Ancient & recent time Studies that have been done and conducted, I already talked about this earlier, so I’ll leave it at that for now!

Besides, It’s been established and officially recognized, even by Lion experts that the Tigers are Stronger in Forequarters and Hindquarters then Lions! Period. And Let’s not forget that the Tiger holds ALL the edges in Stealth, Speed, Explosiveness, Agility & Hand-Eye Coordination over the Lion! Easily! And besides, it’s also been officially established & recognized that the Lion’s mane DOES NOT offer any shield or protection whatsoever! That makes a lot of sense if you ask me, especially since it’s ALL hair that’s on their Neck and even on some other parts of the body of the Lion! It’s easily noticable in the picture below when it comes down to the “Usefullness” of the Lion’s Man. If you ask me, it’s a useless piece of hair that shouldn’t be there, instead the Lion should have been born or BUILD a WAY Stronger & Thicker Neck to protects its own life against a bite of a Ferociously Strong, Aggresive & MAD Tiger! But hence, it has a mane that is close to useless and makes the male Lion look more like a Big Cat with Human Hair around his head! Super duper useless indeed if you look at it this way!

And lets face it, the TOTAL NECK Strength of the Tiger shits all over the TOTAL NECK Strength of the Lion! Period! Hands down! We all know that, wether we admit it or not, and every Lion fan knows it as well, wether they like it or not! Just take a closer look at the size of the Neck of the Tiger and then at the size of the Neck of the Lion! Yeah I do know that size doesn’t always mean that it’s stronger in reality, but in the case of the Tiger and Lion it DOES matter, Big time!

Because the More Neck Size the 2 Big Wild Cats have, the more Muscles and thus Strenght they will have in their Necks, and that Strength will obviously carry over to TOTAL BODY Strength and Especially the Strength in the JAW of both Cats! And guess what? The MORE Biting Strength, Power & Force the Tiger or Lion can produce in the JAW Muscles, the faster and easier they can kill their prey! And in this case: each other! That means that the Tiger wins hands down at least 80% of the time to the bare minimum… if not more! The History shows us that this is true, the studies shows us that this is true, I have found and came to the conclusion that this is true! The only person that still needs to find out that this is true is YOU, whoever you are that is reading this article right now! It really is that simple and straight to the point, I mean what more do you want? The comparisons, facts and evidences are all right here in this article!

And no, I didn’t choose the Tiger as the #1 Letal, Dangerous, Incredible, Amazing & Ferociously Strong Animal because it’s my Favourite Animal! Yeah I admit that the Tiger IS my Favourite Animal, but that doesn’t mean that the Lion isn’t Enormously Strong, Lethal & Powerful as well, because the Lion sure as hell is VERY Powerful & Incredibly Strong! Just not on the level of the Tiger, and in MOST cases, it will loose big time and flat out against a Tiger! As a matter of Fact, all the experts from the past and even the experts living today agree that in a TRUE Life or Death Fight/Death Match between a Tiger and a Lion, that the Tiger will win most of the time and easily under a minute! As both Cats don’t like to fight very long and both are FAST and Ferocious Killers in their Nature! They’re both Very Lethal & Dangerous in Killing with Neck bites! And thus, in this regards, like discussed earlier, the Tiger has all the advantage over here and all the odds stacked in its favor! So I say, Without a single shred of a doubt, that in the longrun the TIGER is the KING of the Jungle and Will always be! The Tiger is also the Strongest and Most Dangerous Cat species living on the face of the earth today! And as time goes by, more & more evidences and facts will be shown and proved that the Tiger is the #1 and that it will stay #1 in the future! Because that’s how mother nature and evolution created the Tiger! It is what it is my friends!

So always remember, whenever you Train, doesn’t matter what it is you’re doing in your Training at that particular moment, always remember to have the EYE of the MOST Lethal, Dangerous & Ferociously Strong Predator & Killer out there! The TIGER! Forget the Lion, we just blew that myth out of the water! Develop that Super Intensive Focus and Stealth in your Training and imagine and visualize yourself having the Eye of the Tiger and become the Tiger as well! Be that Lonely Hunter and Predator that DOESN’T have to depend on his group of minions to do the job for him or her, HELL NO! Instead do what the TRUE KING of the Jungle does! Be the Tiger in your Training whenever you Train and Never Give Up! Always go untill the end and finish what you’ve started in your Training! Just like the Ferocious Tiger would do! And do it on your OWN Strength and Powers that you have in you WITHOUT depending on anyone else! Again, and I’ll repeat myself, because it’s worth repeating over and over: have the EYE of the TIGER!


Stay Tuned for Part 2 in the future, In the future article I will go into more and major details about the Ligers & Tigons, which are a Special kind of Breed when you mix Lions & Tigers together! For now, have at it!

The Eye of the Tiger!

In Strength & Health!

Matti Marzel!


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  1. You gotta love Tigers, they are big, beautiful and strong Animals. Great Post Bro, keep doing what you’re doing.

    • @Cameron Bailey: Damn right bro! Spot on! I freaking love Tigers to the Death! That’s one of the reason WHY I wrote this article & WHY I spend at least 2 hours writing this article!

      Yeah man damn straight! No reason to NOT love Tigers! But then again, Tigers are my favourite Animals out there… Period! So I speak from nothing but personal love over here! And they’re sure as hell Big, Beatiful, Powerful and Ferociously STRONG Animals! That’s a simple fact right there!

      Thanks for the props & support over here man! I truly appreciate it! If you loved this one, then stay tuned for PART 2 in the near future! You’ll gonna digg that shit! Guarenteed!

  2. I used to think like this that the male Tiger shows the way of the hunter and the male Lion do nothing alike. But after taking into account the earth geographical landscape and prey distribution they have to encounter, it explains much about their abilities and psychological attitudes.

    Lion, when placed among the plains of Serengeti have no choice to their survival but to hunt and live in a pack of group or a pride. Alone they will not find the chance to even prey on a zebra or a buffalo because the herd will be able to fend them off. But in a pride they will be able to single out their prey. Now the developed ‘psychology’ of the pride is that the leader has to assume immediate position of supremacy and dominant over other potential rivals. They have to develop the attitude to dominate and command and have to follow this attitude through out their ruling life. Ruling does not necessarily translate to leading but it is better. The leader hold the position of rule and command for any hunting expeditions and opportune moments, and would necessarily not to have to go hunt themselves. There is always potential rivalry moments would arise in the pride if they risk themselves much and relinquished control. There, they have learn for the sake of survival to assume immediate command of situation in the control of the pride. This may make them a ferocious battling fighter but not a dominant and honed efficient killer as with other solitary cats . But they do have developed a natural aptitude to dominate and command and display of superiority as survival traits.

    Tiger on the other hand, in the forest in order to best survive has to develop special personal skill of hunting which involve stalking, ambushing and lethal attacks. They can best do this in solitary. They have developed high level sense of awareness and can smell their prey from miles away. To the Tiger, unlike in the plains the prey is unseen and they have to be the supreme initiating force of hunting. Subsequently. they develop ruthless skills and abilities in protecting their territories from other Tigers too. In the jungle, as they are born to hunt and because of this conditionings they are bred to, eventually become the one on one apex carnivore, the Ultimate Predator. Their endurance and strength are phenomenal and their stamina are also substantially heightened due to the fact that they always have hunted and survived by themselves. The psychology of the Tiger is always first to hunt rather than to establish an immediate supreme presence. Their mindset is always in measuring, executing and dominating. This underailed trait would to be the the qualities that made them the supreme strategist and survivalist, and maintaining their dominion over others in their territories as the ‘last cat standing’, King of the Jungle.

  3. Right on bro. No matter how much i love the lion more than the tiger, i just cant see a lion beating a tiger. I saw a real match between the two before when i went out of country. I thought the lion was going to make easy work out of the tiger because everybody kept saying the lion is the king. But in that match, the smaller tiger actually took down the lion and locked him with his bite. It was lucky that the lion got saved by the people that works there. After that fight, i realized that people only said the lion is king because of the british people. British will never accept the truth that tigers are better fighter and deadlier than lion. If ten tigers fight ten lions in a one on one match, i believe 8 or 9 out of 10 tiger will come out on top.

  4. I was really happy to read this article, Since i am a grate lover of Tigers. It gives me more proud to being a grate fan of wonderfull ferocious Tigers. As a girl i will marrie a guy who has the great characters of Tigers, including the ferocious strength. Thanks!!!!

  5. What a bunch of bs. Tigers might be bigger stronger smarter even , this does not make them better fighters, that goes to the lion hands down. They spare all the time. When it comes to fighting you have to put one fighter against another of equal size weights upbringing etc ie you don’t put a zoo animal against a wild one. look at boxing does a heavy weight fight a lightweight? Well maybe the tiger is a better hunter according to you , does not mean he’s a better fighter.Remember a women has never killed a man ,right?
    We all should have lions for pets

  6. Great and very educative article Matti. When comparing a tiger and a lion , there is some dispute , especially from one very bitter lion fan in particular who goes trolling sites and forums trying very very much to debunk established scientific and otherwise wild facts about tigers being top cats , even more than lions.

    Now this isn’t to say a lion does not have his attributes. Just that this one lion fan is very disgruntled . To the point where he starts showing a tigress who got killed by a male lion.I in fact fell for it , until I did some investigating and realized the tiger was a smaller female and NOT a male tiger. His whole propaganda was to make it look like the lion killed a male siberian tiger when that was not the case at all! Which reinforces my point , this person is so desperate to convince people lions are better and so I am happy to have read this article and make a further contribution. In the context of putting a heavyweight boxer against a lightweight ,this wouldn’t be classified as a fair fight. So neither would a bigger male lion killing a smaller siberian tigress be classified as fair. In fact If I am not mistaken tigresses have killed male lions.

    But from your article it is not just me who has done some work in finding out the ferocious and impressive strength of the tiger, and that the tiger’s strength surpasses that of the lion. Even in the wild , tigers would hold their own against lions.

    And who said tigers don’t fight /spar between each other? This link below is from the Londolozi game reserve in South Africa:

    It was a bloody , vicious fight and one tiger almost got killed .

    So tigers aren’t just intelligent and big , but also know their shit when it comes to fighting, be it between themselves or with other animals. And regarding hunting , I agree with you Matti. Indeed the tiger has learnt to stalk, ambush, hunt on its own while the lion usually works in a pride and the females do the hunting.
    Not to forget how proficient a tiger is in swimming and has known to even hunt in water and carry prey through rivers , whereas a lion is not very confident when it comes to swimming.

    I have read and watched videos of male tigers fighting to the death. From videos of these animals in captivity , many not and just me have observed how a tiger is able to stand on its hind legs and strike very fast blows on the lion. The lion has even been described as clumsy in its movements.

    J.M Boyd described the fighting styles of these big cats in the quote below:

    ‘That the typical tiger is a fiercer fighter than the typical lion is common knowledge. Less widely known is what gives that tiger the advantage. Simple thing. The lion stands on three paws to maul with the fourth.But the tiger balances itself on the hind legs to maul with both front paws simultaneously. Moment by moment , the fighting paws on the tiger’s side generally outnumber the fighting paws on the lion’s side by two to one.

    Clyde Beatty and Kailash Shankala were not the only lion/tiger experts around. Observations from other experts like Roman Pranske collaborate speak well of the tiger’s prowess. In fact Roman Pronske said this from the book Popular Mechanics June 1939 (and please note this is quoted):

    ‘The lion is a great bluffer .He will roar first to scare a man and in that roar there is a warning. But a tiger never utters a sound before he springs. He may appear to be deceptively sleepy before he lunges, but when he does it is silent and with lightning speed.’

    Nevertheless, I also accept like you Matti that a lion has had its wins over a tiger , but more times than not the tiger came out on top.

    It is worth pointing out that I did some other research around to discover what are the strongest animals. And from the big cats , the tiger is the only big cat that places on many sources in the top 10 list . There is no mention of the lion so you’re spot on Matti. And this isn’t to say a lion isn’t strong.
    Just stating in relation to relativity.

  7. La TIGRE è semplicemente un felino superiore,il felino superiore! L’Apex predator!!! L’unico predatore capace di uccidere elefanti,rinoceronti,coccodrilli,gaur fi 1700 kg! Il leone in un one to one, il più delle volte rimane ucciso anche con un bufalo! Tigri siberiane e bengala hanno un peso medio superiore al leone di 45-50 kg !!! Se poi prendiamo le bengala del Nord India ,il divario del peso medio aumenta a 70 kg !!!queste tigri arrivano a pesare 360 kg!! Nel mentre il leone non supera 225 kg! Ma tutto nella tigre è superiore al leone, perché la tigre è stata creata per cacciare da sola anche grandi animali, come ho accennato prima, e quindi è più muscolosa, più imponente, più intelligente,più veloce,con un morso più potente, e grossi artigli retrattili!oltre ad avere zampe anteriori più grandi e forti, ha anche gambe posteriori più sviluppate,e unito ad una grande intelligenza e reattività, porta la tigre ad avere una migliore tecnica di combattimento, la tigre può combattere in piedi, e spostarsi a suo piacimento, bloccare le zampate del leone, e ripartire boxando con tutte e 2 le zampe anteriori simultaneamente, fino ad arrivare alla gola o allo stomaco del leone!!! In tutta la storia, nell’antica Roma , come in asia, la tigre ha sempre ucciso quasi tutti i leoni!!! Statistiche alla mano, la tigre vince il 70-80% dei combattimenti! ! La TIGRE SIBERIANA arriva a vincere l’85% dei combattimenti! !! La TIGRE è il vero RE degli animali, il leone ha questo immeritato soprannome per colpa di un antica usanza cristiana!!! Gesù spesso veniva raffigurato con l’immagine di un leone, presumibilmente per la regale immagine con la criniera, ma ora, piano piano , la gente ha capito chi è il vero RE! ” la TIGRE è il Signore del creato,il leone in confronto è solo un impostore” parole di MABEL STARKS, famosa domatrice di TIGRI!

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