Weight in Relation to Lifting

In this article I would like to go over a topic that happens to me a lot on a regular basis! And I’m talking about the topic of “Bodyweight in Relation to Lifting Heavy” or “Bodyweight in Relation to performing … Continue reading

The Way of Life!

What you know about the running, the stretching, the kata’s, the weapons? I know, this is a weird way to open up an article, but I have a very good reason to open this article with questions like these, and … Continue reading

Bane from The Dark Knight Rises Was Right!

Ok, before I continue with this article, I want to assure you and let you know that I’m NOT saying that what Bane did in The Dark Knight Rises as far as killing and destroying goes was right! Nope, not … Continue reading

Card Tearing Madness!

Lets talk about One of the Most Fun Feat of Strength to do (at least, in my opinion!), I’m talking about: Card Tearing! Yes indeed, Shredding through Full Decks of Plastic Coated Pokercards in Seconds! You read that right: Tearing … Continue reading

The Correlation Between Steel Scrolling & Kettlebell Juggling!

All of a sudden it hit me! The Cool correlation between Steel Scrolling & Kettlebell Juggling came to the light for me, and I was flabbergasted that I hadn’t figured it out or notcied it before! It’s weird because I have … Continue reading